In recognition of the athletes’ achievements during the season Rowville Lakes provides a number of awards. It is important to remember that there is some minimum requirements before an athlete is eligible to win an award. The first goal for all athletes should be to attend a minimum of 60% of normal competition this qualifies an athlete for a best in age or participation trophy. The next goal is 75% attendance this means you are in the running for one of the major awards.

During the season as athletes achieve the PB levels they will be presented with the appropriate medal.
Participation and Best in age awards will be presented at the end of the season at the clubs Major Presentation day. In conjunction with this is the Annual General Meeting.

Personal Best (PB’S)
Throughout the season each ‘personal best’ will be recorded and once an athlete accumulates
10, 20 and 30 PB’s they will receive a bronze, silver and gold medal respectively.

Participation Trophy
This award is given to all athletes that have achieved the minimum 60% attendance criteria and is recognition of their attendance during the season. Athletes that win the best in age award DO NOT receive a participation trophy.

Best in Age
The best in age award is exactly that, recognition of the best athlete in the age group. An award is made in each age group both boys and girls, to the athlete that ranks best in a ranking system.
The ranking system ranks all qualified athletes in the same age group for each event, 1 being the best performed, to however many athletes are in the age group.
The athlete that achieves the lowest point tally is the winner. A 60% attendance is required to qualify and athletes that win the best in age award DO NOT receive a participation trophy.
(Allowances are made to athletes that start the season late).

Encouragement Award
Based on the committee’s selection and are to encourage athletes to keep participating and doing their best.

Team Managers Award
2 Team Manager’s awards are given each year to a girl and boy as selected by the Team Manager. These awards are presented to athletes that the Team Manager selects as having performed well both on and off the field and have displayed a good club attitude.
75% attendance is required to qualify for this award and best in age winners are ineligible to receive the Team Managers award.

Achievers Award
1 award that is presented to an athlete that has had a significant achievement during the year, it may be pb’s, club records, state representation or any other achievement that the committee feels need recognition.
75% attendance is required to qualify for this award.

President’s Award
This trophy is awarded to an athlete chosen by the President for showing great sportsmanship, clubmanship and a willingness to assist others.
75% attendance is required to qualify for this award.

Best Overall Award (Boy and Girl)
The best overall Boy and Girl award is presented to athletes based on a combination of scoring systems and committee input. Areas taken into account include attendance, personal bests, club and Knox records.
75% attendance is required to qualify for this award.

State Shield (perpetual award)
The state shield is a record of Rowville Lakes athletes that have achieved a top 3 placing in an Individual Sate Championship event. This does not include relays or Team Cross Country.

Knox Centre Awards
In addition to these Rowville Lakes awards the Knox Centre recognizes athletes who have completed five and nine years of competition.