Parent responsibilities
It is important to remember that parents have a vital role to play in the running of Little Athletics. Without your support and assistance as helpers and officials the program cannot operate, please keep this in mind when you are asked to nominate your preference for duty. It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that a continuity of supervision is provided for their children. It is important that children are not left unattended during the program.

Duty Roster
Each week of competition each club is responsible for ensuring that parents perform the duty of helpers and officials. Rowville Lake’s duty requirement is one parent to every five registered athletes.
If each family fulfills this obligation they should only be required once every three weeks. This is a small commitment to ensure your child/ren enjoy their athletics experience.

Chief officials
Each club is also given responsibility for an event. Rowville Lakes is responsible for several chief official positions. No previous experience is necessary to be an official as training is provided. Please see your Team Manager if you are interested in assisting in this area.

Rowville Lakes Little Athletics Club supports the Knox Behaviour Policy. Please familiarize yourself and your child/ren with the policy contained in the ‘Knox handbook’ and ensure that you report any breaches to the Team Manager for the appropriate action.