Club uniform
Athletes are required to wear the Rowville Lakes club uniform which is a Maroon singlet with Blue trim with “The Lakes” proudly displayed on the back, this is worn in conjunction with black shorts or bloomers or bike shorts and their registration patch.
All athletes must wear runners; Spikes may be worn by athletes in the Under 12 and up age groups for specific events. Further details are available in the Knox handbook.

Athletes are provided with a ‘patch’ upon registration. To receive points for competing, this patch must be worn at each event. No patch, no points. Replacement patches may be purchased from the office under the grandstand for $1.00. Speak to your team manager if you require a replacement

Athlete tickets
All athletes are given a record of their participation at the end of each event. These tickets should be returned to our statisticians, located under the Rowville Lakes marquee by the end of each event. This enables accurate and up to date records to be kept on each athlete’s performance and provide the relevant medals and/or trophies. If tickets are not lodged by the following week points may not be allocated.

If an athlete is unable to attend, for a sustained period, due to illness/injury please inform the Team Manager. It may still be possible for the athlete to receive a participation award despite not completing the required 60% of competition; however eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.

Children who register and do not compete in any competition may only receive a refund of the family levy. Children who register and compete in any competition will not be eligible for any refund.

Insurance cover is provided for injuries caused solely by active participation in officially organized events, practice and training sessions. This covers all registered members, those trialling before becoming a member, coaches, volunteers and officials. To ensure insurance cover is valid parents must complete the Register of Ordinary Member Form upon registering.
Injuries must be reported to the Centre Secretary within 30 days of occurrence.

Club feeder schools
Lysterfield P.S, Karoo P.S. and Park Ridge P.S.